• Journal of Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence

    The Constitutional Law is a paramount law of the land. The base of Constitutional Law is its philosophy, called ‘Constitutional Jurisprudence’. Constitutional Law determines the fundamental rights of citizens and the obligations of ‘the State’. While discharging the functions under the Constitution, the State is expected to ensure protection of its provisions and philosophy.

    In the present contexts, many issues are being emerged along with pre existing Constitutional issues. The academia is morally responsible and responsive to synthesise these issues.

  • National Journal of Real Estate Law

    National Journal of Real estate law involves anything dealing with real property (land). These laws are designed to determine who owns land and the buildings on it, who has a right to possess and use land or buildings, the sale and purchase of real property, landlord and tenant issues, the development of real property, and compliance with local, state, or national regulations affecting the use of real property. An attorney practicing real estate law may focus on contractual issues by drafting and reviewing contracts; some real estate attorneys may be more focused on litigation issues, such as determining the ownership of land in court, challenging or enforcing easements, seeking to allow the specific development of property, or trying to prevent or alter a planned development of real property. In addition, an attorney practicing real estate law may focus on a specific type of real estate law or a related area of law, such as oil and gas or natural resources law.

  • Indian Journal of Heath & Medical Law

    The Indian Journal of Health & Medical Laws covers the practice of law encompassing many different disciplines. Lawyers in this field can be in the private bar or at government agencies. Health lawyers can represent hospitals, physician groups, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), or individual doctors, among many others. Government health lawyers can investigate fraud, deal with Medicare policy and compliance, or oversee public health policy. Many health lawyers are engaged in the business of health care, spending significant time in mergers and acquisitions, tax law, employee benefits, and risk management issues. The impact of technology on health care has been great with health lawyers helping to guide their clients through intellectual property, biomedicine, and telemedicine issues. Other health lawyers specialize in bioethics and clinical ethics, representing universities and other research academic centers.

  • National Journal of Environmental Law

    The National Journal of Environmental Law, invite the legal practitioners , Professor, scholars seeking to make a positive impact on the universe might look to environmental law contribute effort . an array of federal statutes govern various areas of the environment, such as air, water, hazardous waste, pesticides,  land development, and cleanup of contaminated sites. State and local regulations impact the environment as well.The Journal also give research knowledge on economic law relating to FEMA, Arbitration Concilation, and many more.

  • Journal of Law of Torts and Consumer Protection Law

    The Law of Torts is primarily concerned with redressal of wrongful civil actions by awarding compensation. In a society where men live together, conflict of interests are bound to occur and they may from time to time cause damage to one or the other. In addition, with the rapid industrialization, tortious liability has come to be used against manufacturers and industrial units. The Law of Torts had originated from Common Law and by and large this branch of law continues to be uncodified. Tortious liability has been codified only to a very limited extent such as workmen’s compensation, motor vehicle accidents, environmental degradation, consumer protection and the like.

  • Journal of Corporate Governance & International Business Law

    The Journal of Corporate Governance & International Business Laws is a peer reviewed research Journal . In a broad sense corporate governance is about how firms should be governed so that they run effectively and efficiently. This Journals takes a broad perspective on corporate governance mechanisms and considers possible synergies between corporate governance and international business (IB) research.

  • National Journal of Food Safety and Standard Regulations

    The National Journal of Food Safety and Standard Regulation highlight on new concept of law i:e Food Safety and Standard Regulation Authority of India(FSSAI) . The JFSSR invites scholars ,professionals and Practioner participate and thourgh research on food laws and prepare review papers , research papers, short articles and book reviews.

  • National Journal of Labour and Industrial Law

    National Journal of Labour laws and Industrial Relations is peer reviewd journal encircling the labour law also known as employment law and is about the body of laws, administrative rulings, and precedents which address the legal rights , and restrictions on working people and their organizations. As such, it mediates many aspects of the relationship between trade unions, employers and employees. In other words, Labour law defines the rights and obligations as workers, union members and employers in the workplace. Journal of Labour Laws and Industrial Relations gives scholars practioner, professionals opportunity or platform for research the law and current case studies on industrial dispute and submit the valuable paer in form of review paper, research paper, case studies, short article, book review etc.

  • Journal of Intellectual Property Rights Law

    Journal of Intellectual property rights law is peer reviewd research journal with inventions, creations, and other intellectual and intangible types of property. The term intellectual property is used in its general sense to describe: A product of the intellect that has commercial value, including copyrighted property such as literary or artistic works, and ideational property, such as patents, appellations of origin, business methods, and industrial processes.

  • Journal of Family and Adoption Law

    Journal of Family & Adoption Law concerns the rights and obligations of spouses, children, and other domestic relations. City, State, and national laws can affect families in several ways. Many marriages end in the way of separation or divorce. When a couple decides to dissolve a marriage, one of the spouses will file petition the court for a divorce. This means that the court can legally end the marriage, divide marital assets between the spouses, grant custody of any children to one or both spouses, and impose child and spousal support obligations, if applicable.

  • Journal of Human Rights Law and Practice

    Journal of Human Rights Law and Practice enlighten on the fundamental rights of a human being. In order to live with dignity certain basic rights and freedom are necessary, which all Human beings are entitled . These basic rights are called Human Rights. Human rights belong to everyone, everywhere, regardless of nationality, sexuality, gender, race, religion or age. The foundation of modern human rights is mentioned in the Universal Declation of Human Rights (UDHR) the declaration were adopted in 1948 by the United Nations General Assembly, and over time these have been integrated into national laws and international treaties. The core values of the UDHR - human dignity, fairness, equality, non-discrimination - apply to everyone, everywhere. This Journal of Human Rights and Practice invites Research Scholars , Practioner, Professors, learned academicians & legal experts who are interested in the field of human rights to have an eye view on both national and international perspective.

  • National Journal of Criminal Law

    The primary objective of National Journal of Criminal Laws is to provide wder knowledge of law and order in the society and to protect the life and liberty of people. people place their ultimate belief on this branch of law for protection against all injuries that human can inflict on individuals. The National Journal of Criminal Law has been so designed as to generate critical thinking among students , Practioner and Eminent Professor about the stated objectives of criminal law and to enable them to scrutinize the recent developments and changes that have taken place in the field.

    The primary objectives of this Journal are-

     To familiarize the students with the key concepts regarding Crime and Criminal law.

     To expose the students to the range of mental states that constitute means reaessential for committing crime.

     To teach specific offences under the Indian Penal Code.

     To keep students abreast of the latest developments and changes in the field of Criminal law.

  • Journal of Taxation and Regulatory Framework

    The Journal of Taxation and Regulatory Framework is peer reviewed refereed journal that aims at the dissemination and advancement of research in taxation field contributed by the various Professional , law students, advocates and other professional and explore the challenges this tax world. The aim of the Journal is to provide a platform to researchers, practitioners, academicians, and professionals associate with the field of Taxations and o encourage and promote research across a wide breadth of areas pertaining to Taxations.

  • Journal of Capital Market and Securities Law

    The Indian Capital market has grown exponentially in terms of resource mobilization, number of listed stock exchanges, market capitalization, trading volumes, along with this growth, the profiles of the investors,issuers and intermediaries have changed significantly. The market has witnessed a fundamental institutional change resulting in drastic reduction in transaction costs and significant improvement in efficiency, transparency and safety. The Regulatory measures are taken by SEBI such as, allocation of resources, rolling settlement, sophisticated risk management and derivatives have greatly improved the framework .The Journal of Capital Market and Securities Law is a peer reviewed refereed journal that aims at the dissemination and advancement of research in Capital Markets contributed by the various Professional , law students, advocates and other professional and explore the challenges of security markets.

  • National Journal of Cyber Security Law

    National Journal of Cyber Security Laws publishes original research and review articles in this interdisciplinary cyber domain. National Journal of Cyber Security Laws is a research Journal on various Cyber Security challenges. scholarly contributions in this disciplines are welcome to cover the various aspects of cybersecurity. National Journal of Cyber Security Laws provides a hub around which the interdisciplinary Cyber Security community can form a robust knowledge base. The journal is committed to providing quality  research & review literature, that is very significant for students, academicians and experts in real-world implications and solutions.

  • Journal of Banking and Insurance Law

    The Journal of Banking and Insurance Laws  is prepared under the agis of eminet scholar professionals ,Legal experts , learned professors, attorneys and other professionals. The scope of the journal is broad and covering topics such as banking, securities, financial services, administrative, and general banking & Insurance related laws &  issues arrising out of them. Journal welcome's  all scholars exploring the general subject matter of financial institutions, including financial products and markets. Law and strategy makers are under consistent pressure to watch the enthusiasm of buyers . JBIL welcomes contributions from  scholarly community, experts involved in banking & insurance industries.