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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).
  • The submission file is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or RTF document file format.
  • Where available, URLs for the references have been provided.
  • The text is single-spaced; uses a 12-point font; employs italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and all illustrations, figures, and tables are placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.
  • The text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines.

Author Guidelines

Instructions for Author
Law Journals is a division of Consortium e-Learning Pvt. Ltd. (CELNET). The CELNET is an
ISO 9001 certified organization and is into the production and marketing of journals, books and
e-courses. Law Journals are multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journals in the areas of banking
law, criminal law, cyber security law, intellectual property law, securities market law and legal
studies all over the world.
Law Journals publishes research papers, review papers, case law, book reviews and synopsis
Research Paper: It is original research manuscripts that report new evidence or new
Review Paper: It is an attempt to summarize the current state of understanding on a topic,
which has been previously published by others, provide latest progress made in a given area
of research.
Case Law: It is a research method involving an in-depth examination of a subject of study (the
case), as well as its related contextual conditions. Case studies are analyses of persons,
events, decisions, periods, projects, policies, institutions, or other systems that are studied
holistically by one or more method.
Book Review: It is a form of literary criticism in which a book is analyzed based on content,
style, and merit. A book review can be a primary source opinion piece, summary review or
scholarly review.
Synopsis: It is a brief summary of the major points of a subject or written work or story, either
as prose or as a table; an abridgment or condensation of a work.
Submission Process
Manuscripts for Law Journals may be submitted through www.stmjournals.com/lawjournals/
Steps for Submitting a Paper
1. Select the journal by clicking on the title of the journal
2. Register as an author
3. Create username and password
4. Login with the same username and password
5. Submit your paper by filling the details
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Lawjournals.stmjournals.inPreparation of a Manuscript for Law Journals
A manuscript should have front matter (title, author list, affiliations, abstract, keywords),
manuscript sections (introduction, results, discussion, methods, conclusions), and back
matter (acknowledgments, conflicts of interest, references). These sections should appear in
all manuscript types.
Title Page: The title of your manuscript should be concise, specific and relevant.
Author List and Affiliations: Name of all authors, affiliations with complete address
including city, state/province, country, and all emails should be provide. At least one author
should be designated as corresponding author, and his or her emails and other details
should be included.
Abstract: The abstract should be a total of about 150 to 200 words.
Keywords: Three to five keywords need to be added after the abstract. The keywords
should be specific to the article.
Introduction: The introduction clearly states the background and objectives of your work, its
scope and the main advances you are reporting. It gives reference to relevant results of
previously published work. A theoretical and experimental methods section gives sufficient
information about the research carried out by the researcher.
Methods: This section may be divided into headings and subheadings and describe the
methods used depending on the type of subject of analysis that frames your case study.
Results: This section may be divided into headings and subheadings, and should provide a
concise and precise description of the results and their interpretation.
Discussion: This section may be divided into headings and subheadings. This section
discusses and interpreted the results as well as state the impact of your results compared
with recent work.
Conclusions: This section summarizes your conclusion in clear, simple language; provide a
key findings in the paper that address the research problem; needs for further research and
may include any plans for relevant future work.
Acknowledgments: All sources of funding of the study and anyone who has assisted in the
work should be acknowledged.
Conflicts of Interest: Authors must declare conflicts of interest that may inappropriately
influence the representation or interpretation research results. If there is no conflict of
interest, please state “The authors declare no conflict of interest.”
References: A reference list should be provided at the end of the manuscript. All the
references mentioned in the text should be cited in the “Author–Number” system (Vancouver
style). There should be at least 10 references in the article.
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There are five heading levels, always use the headings in order, beginning with level 1. The
format of each level is illustrated below:
Level 2 Boldface, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading
Level 3 Boldface, Italicized, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading
Level 4 Boldface, italicized, lowercase heading with a period. Begin
body text after the period.
Level 5 Italicized, lowercase heading with a period. Begin body text after
the period.
Figures and Tables
Tables and Figures should be numbered (with Arabic numerals as Table 1, Table 2, Figure 1,
Figure 2, etc.) and referred to by number in the text. Tables can be placed either next to the
relevant text in the article, or on separate page(s) at the end. The captions for the Tables and
Legend to Figures should be separated from the text and collated in a separate section. All
Tables and Figures are to be numbered in one consecutive series in the order in which they
are cited in the text.
For all Tables, use the following symbols in order as footnotes: * (asterisk), † (dagger), ‡
(double dagger), ¶ (paragraph mark), § (section mark), ‖ (parallels), **, ††, ‡‡, etc.
Authors should submit Figures, such as illustrations, pictures and graphs, with the highest
quality that enables publishers to prepare your artwork for the printed as well as the online
issue of article. Figures should have sufficiently high resolution (minimum 1000 pixels
width/height, or a resolution of 300 dpi or higher). Common formats are accepted, however,
TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF are preferred.
Tables and Figures should be self-explanatory.
Law Journals follows the author–number system also known as Vancouver reference style.
The referencing style has two parts: citing, and the reference list. Citation is an reference of
another person’s work in your own work, either by referring to his or her ideas, or by
including a direct quotation. Each reference which is cited in your text should have a unique
number. if you cite a piece of work more than once, the same citation number should be
used. You can write the number in square brackets.
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Recent research [1] indicates that the number of duplicate papers being published is increasing.
Simons et al. [3] state that the principle of effective stress is ‘imperfectly known and understood
by many practising engineers’
Several studies [6–9, 13, 15] have examined the effect of congestion charging in urban areas.
Journal Articles
Print Journal
Name/s of author/s of the article. Title of article. Title of Journal. Year of Publication; Volume (Issue):
Article with less than three Authors
1. Skalsky K, Yahav D, Bishara J. Treatment of human brucellosis: Systematic review and meta-
analysis of randomised controlled trials. BMJ. 2008; 336 (7646): 701–4p.
Article with more than six Authors
2. Hanna JN, McBride WJ, Brookes DL, et al. Hendra virus infection in a veterinarian. Med J Aust.
2006; 185 (10): 562–4p.
Article with DOI Number
3. Fletcher D, Wagstaff CRD. Organizational psychology in elite sport: its emergence, application
and future. Psychol Sport Exerc. 2009; 10 (4): 427–34p. doi:10.1016/j.psychsport.2009.03.009.
Article Published ahead of Print
4. O’Leary C. Vitamin C does little to prevent winter cold. The West Australian. Forthcoming 2005.
Online Journal
Name/s of author/s of the article. Title of article. Title of Journal [Internet]. Year of Publication; Volume
(Issue): Pages. Available from: URL.
5. Abood S. Quality improvement initiative in nursing homes: the ANA acts in an advisory role. Am
J Nurs [Internet]. 2002 Jun [cited 2002 Aug 12];102(6):966–9. Available from:
Name/s of author/s. Title of Book. Edition of book. Place of Publication: Name of Publisher; Year of
Book with one author
6. Bull M. Sound moves: iPod culture and urban experience. London: Routledge; 2007.
Book with more than six authors
7. Hofmeyr GJ, Neilson JP, Alfirevic Z, et al. A Cochrane Pocketbook: Pregnancy and Childbirth.
Chichester, West Sussex, England: John Wiley & Sons Ltd; 2008.
Electronic Book
8. Bartlett A. Breastwork: Rethinking Breastfeeding [monograph online]. Sydney, NSW: University
of New South Wales Press; 2005 [cited 2009 Nov 10]. Available from: NetLibrary
Book with the Editors
Name/s of Editor/s, editors. Title of Book. Place of publication: Name of Publisher; Year of publication.
9. Whisnant R, DesAutels P, editors. Global Feminist Ethics. Plymouth: Rowman & Littlefield
Publishers; 2008.
Copyright © Law Journals 2017
Lawjournals.stmjournals.inChapter in an Edited Book
Name/s of Author/s. Title of chapter. In: Name of Editor/s, editors. Title of Book. Place of publication:
Name of Publisher; Year of publication.
10. Rowlands TE, Haine LS. Acute limb ischaemia. In: Donnelly R, London NJM, editors. ABC of
Arterial and Venous Disease. 2nd Edn. West Sussex: Blackwell Publishing; 2009.
Conference Papers
Name/s of Author/s. Title of paper. In: Name/s of Editor/s, editor(s). Title of Conference; Date of
conference; Place of conference. Place of publication: Name of Publisher; Year of publication. Page
Conference Proceedings
11. Kimura J, Shibasaki H, editors. Recent advances in clinical neurophysiology. Proceedings of
the 10th International Congress of EMG and Clinical Neurophysiology; 1995 Oct 15–19; Kyoto,
Japan. Amsterdam: Elsevier; 1996.
Published Conference Paper
12. Bengtsson S, Solheim BG. Enforcement of data protection, privacy and security in medical
informatics. In: Lun KC. Degoulet P. Piemme TE, Reinhoff O, editors. MEDINFO 92. Proceedings
of the 7th World Congress on Medical Informatics; 1992 Sep 6–10; Geneva, Switzerland.
Amsterdam: North Holland; 1992. 1561–5p.
Un-published Conference Paper
13. Bowden FJ, Fairley CK. Endemic STDs in the Northern Territory: Estimations of effective rates
of partner exchange. Paper presented at: The Scientific Meeting of the Royal Australian College
of Physicians. Darwin, Australia. 1996 June 24–25.
Newspaper and Magazine Articles
Name/s of Author/s. Title of Article. Name of Newspaper. Date of publication: Section: Pagination
Newspaper Article
14. Robertson J. Not married to the art. The Courier Mail (Weekend Edition). 2010 Mar 6–7: Sect.
ETC: 15.
Magazine Article
15. Marano HE. Making of a perfectionist. Psychol Today. 2008 Mar–Apr; 41: 80–86
Electronic Newspaper or Magazine Article
16. Bajak F. Why Chile dodged Haiti-style ruin. Toronto Star (Canada) [serial online]. 2010 Feb 28
[cited 2010 Mar 14]; Sect. News: A14; Available from: Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre
Electronic Newspaper Article on the Internet
17. Drivers told: Don’t use Clem7 tunnel. The Courier Mail [Internet]. 2010 Mar 16 [cited 2010 Mar
16]; Available from: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/car-with-flat-tyre-the-first-to-cause-
Reports and other Government Publications
Name/s of Author/s. Title of report. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of publication. Total number of
pages. Report No.
18. Australia. Parliament. Senate. Select Committee on Climate Policy. Climate Policy Report.
Canberra: The Senate; 2009.
Copyright © Law Journals 2017
Lawjournals.stmjournals.in19. Page E, Harney JM. Health Hazard Evaluation Report. Cincinnati (OH): National Institute for
Occupational Safety and Health (US); 2001 Feb. 24 p. Report No.:HETA2000-0139-2824.
Printed Thesis
Name/s of Author/s. Title of Thesis [type of thesis]. Place of publication: Name of Publisher; Year.
Online Thesis
Name/s of Author/s. Title of Thesis [type of thesis]. Place of publication: Name of Publisher; Year
[cited date – year month day]. Available from: Name of database/web address
Printed Thesis
20. Kay JG. Intracellular cytokine trafficking and phagocytosis in macrophages [PhD thesis]. St
Lucia, Qld: University of Queensland; 2007.
Online Thesis
21. Pahl KM. Preventing anxiety and promoting social and emotional strength in early childhood:
an investigation of aetiological risk factors [PhD thesis]. St Lucia, Qld: University of Queensland;
2009 [cited 2010 Mar 24]. Available from: University of Queensland Library E-Reserve
Case name | (year of decision) | [year of reporter] | volume | reporter | page
20. Corr v IBC Vehicles Ltd (2008) UKHL 13, [2008] 1 AC 884.
21. Maruti Suzuki Ltd v. CCE [2009] 9 SCC 193
title | HC Bill | (session) | [number] OR title | HL Bill | (session) | number
22. Consolidated Fund HC Bill (2008–09) [5]
23. Academies HL Bill (2010-11) 1, cl 8(2)
24. SP Bill 4 Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc (Scotland) Bill [as introduced] Session 1 (1999)
Manuscript Submission Checklist
The final checking of an article prior to sending it to the journal for review. Please consult this
Guidelines for Authors for further details of any item.
Ensure that the following items are present:
☒ Type of Manuscript
☒ Authors' affiliation addresses (including department/school, university/institution/college,
country, etc.)
☒ Corresponding author with contact details (E-mail address, Full postal address and
telephone number)
☒ All necessary files have been uploaded
■ Manuscript (.doc, .docx, .rtf) files
■ Keywords
■ Figures and their captions
Copyright © Law Journals 2017
Lawjournals.stmjournals.in■ Tables (including title, description, footnotes)
■ References
☒ Manuscript has been 'spell-checked' and 'grammar-checked'
☒ All references mentioned in the Reference list are cited in the text, and vice versa
☒ Permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources
Copyright © Law Journals 2017