The JLTCPL has  wide focus areas on law of Torts and Consumer protection Law.  This Journal invites the scholary people to contribute their multidisciplinary knowledge on both laws and spread awareness regarding the new developements in legal world.


  • Origin and Development of Law of Tort
  • Defence against Tortoious Liability
  • Negligence – Liability of common Law and statutory Law
  • Nervous Shock
  • Remoteness of Damages
  • No Fault Liability- Strict and absolute Liability
  • Vicarious Liability of State
  • Defamation
  • Consumer Protection Act

All contributions to the journal are rigorously refereed and are selected on the basis of quality and originality of the work. The journal publishes the most significant new research paper or any other original contribution in the form of reviews and reports on new concepts in all areas pertaining to its scope and research being done in the world, thus ensuring its scientific priority and significance.