Decriminalization of Prostitution in India

  • Amit Kumar Pandey ITM UNIVERSITY, RAIPUR


Prostitution is the exchange of sexual pleasure for financial benefit. As per official statistics there are 3 million sex workers in India. There are several women in India who get in the business because they are in need of money to fulfill their basic needs. However, no doubt there are plenty of people, who are forced into the business against their will. The All India Network of Sex Workers President, Bharati Dey states that people who become prostitutes of their own accord and they need to be given the same rights as compare to other individual. In the past few years, the industry has witnessed gigantic growth, and most of the new entrants are women from the remote areas with little or no education. For some of them normal labor with very less payment is the way to go, while for others sex, with higher pay, is a much better choice. Government should legalize prostitution in India also because there are more than 35 country in the world who legalized the prostitution in their county. And government should also make some provision regarding the facility providing clause to the prostitute.

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Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey,


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