Cyber Crime, Cyber Laws and E-Commerce in India

  • Niddhi . Bihar State Bar Council


Necessity is the mother of invention fully fits in case of worldwide network of “Worldwide web” or in other words widespread use of internet on the globe. Shopping is on our fingertip via computer or smart phone as a result of digitization of market globally. E- Commerce is the biggest player in contracting this world for doing business or transaction without moving from our place and without opening any shop. Online shopping is a wonderful solution for this fast-moving world, people who love to relax and enjoy at their home while doing shopping. E-commerce or could be defined as transfer of funds while buying and selling the goods or services using electronic systems like laptop, computer, palm top, tablet, or mobile or in other words business or commercial transaction which indulges the transfer of information across the internet. The primary objective and focus of E- commerce technology is to give buyer and seller both a time saving, cheaper, most convenient and most secured method of payment to the its users over the internet. But our digital world of e commerce is full of various menace for its users. Cybercrime is becoming one of the most challenging tasks to be checked appropriately in E- commerce in today’s world which needs cyber laws making and implementation in most stringent manner. Indian legal system is formulating provisions to counteract cybercrime and also exploring the scope of adapting much needed methods of checking cybercrimes in India as it will enable the society to win over the increasing cybercrimes under line of control.

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Niddhi ., Bihar State Bar Council

Niddhi Akhouri,

Independent Legal Professional

Delhi- NCR Region

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