• Shambhavi .
  • Shreya Kalyani


As the world embraces a digital life where we are able to connect to anyone in any part of the world. Internet has become our second life and mobile phones an extension of our personalities. On the other hand, security in the digital world is a matter of great concern because of cyber crimes and other mischievous activities related to digital environment. Lack of technical awareness and proper imposition of law governing cybercrimes worsen the victim’s plight. So far, it is observed that large number of cyber crime related complains are not being registered to the concerned authorities and also there is lack of proper follow up in these cases. Even the latest technologies and networking sites needs high level of security. Work places of women are more prone to cyber security hazard due to the nature of our modern digitally dependent work environment. Cyber crimes related to women dignity are also not being reported due to social stigma. The paper draws together existing data on the dimension of violence and ugly side of the digital world of women in particular, that prevailed world wide including reviews and literature as case studies of the mental consequences of such harassment. It also explores important steps that women should follow for safe and secure working in social digital world. Besides so many measures the security in the digital world is the most important concern every user in the digital life has. To assist policymakers in addressing this issue, the paper explores insertions in primary prevention, cyber ethics, cyber care response, programs to assist victims. It argues that any strategy to combat mental and physical harassment must attack the root causes of the problem in addition to treating its symptoms. This means challenging the old security measures and opening all domains of new encryption trends for security purpose. Against every evolving cyber threats, the law makers must enact effective laws which provides for appointing skilled graduates to deal with different ways of securing and relieving women from the terror of crimes in digital world.

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